Why are there no suburbs in Europe?

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Why are there no suburbs in Europe?

Generally, you find more space for less money in the suburbs. Not only housing but other necessities are also lower in costs compared to the big city, which means you can save up more money for other expenses and even luxuries.

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Q. Why Urban is better than rural?

Urban Transportation Cities offer better public transportation networks than both suburban and rural areas as well as more access to ridesharing and car-sharing. Also, because things are much closer together, it’s easier to get around on foot or a bicycle in many large cities.

Q. Are suburbs an American thing?

For the most part (and there are some exceptions) American suburbs are where most of the middle and upper class live, leaving the lower class in cities and rural areas. European suburbs are the exact opposite.

Q. Why living in the suburbs is better?

Europe does have what amount to suburbs. They are just not as extensive or as thinly populated as some suburbs in the United States. If Europe had the kind of sprawl that exists in the United States, much of Europe’s land that is used today for farmland or forests would be covered by sprawl.

Q. What is the purpose of suburbs?

Suburbs are generally spread out over greater distances than other types of living environments. For instance, people may live in the suburb in order to avoid the density and untidiness of the city. Since people have to get around these vast stretches of land automobiles are common sights in suburbs.

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