Who was the richest person in ancient Greece?

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Who was the richest person in ancient Greece?


Q. How did the ancient Greece make money?

Ancient Greece relied heavily on imported goods. Their economy was defined by that dependence. Agricultural trade was of great importance because the soil in Greece was of poor quality which limited crop production.

Q. What were the major products of ancient Greece?

Common goods were grains, wine, olives, cheese, honey, meat and tools. In many parts of the world, people wanted beautiful Greek pottery. This pottery has been found as far away as the western coast of Africa. Other popular Greek goods were wine, olives, olive oil and marble.

Q. Did ancient Greece have taxes?

Taxation. Direct taxation was not well-developed in ancient Greece. The eisphorá (εἰσφορά) was a tax on the wealth of the very rich, but it was levied only when needed — usually in times of war. … Taxes were levied on houses, slaves, herds and flocks, wines, and hay, among other things.

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