What would happen if we nuked Antarctica?

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What would happen if we nuked Antarctica?

Absolutely nothing will happen to the world if Antarctica was nuked. … The United States and Russia have detonated hundred of nuclear bombs on the surface before moving them underground. Even tests out on the ocean with big bomb yields do not have devastating effects long term.

Q. Can we nuke the sun?

Nothing! Since our nukes are insignificant against Sun’s energy. Although we would be providing more fuel since Sun is a giagantic fusion reactor. Our nukes will provide hydrogen if its a fusion bomb or uranium if its a fission bomb which our Sun would consume in fraction of milliseconds.

Q. Can a nuke destroy Mount Everest?

Can a 100 Mt Nuke destroy Mt. Everest? No. It would definitely lower the top by a goodly amount, but the BIGGEST affect would be the dispersal of an awesome amount of fallout.

Q. What if we nuked Mount Everest?

Then the ash clouds may darken Nepal’s sky for a few months and radiation will kill some hundreds of thousands of Nepalis. And if we nuke it at the top, the affects might reduce a little but Everest’s height may reduce by a 50 meters or so. Avalanches might be possible. Radiation have a little effect at that height.

Q. What would happen if we nuked a hurricane?

And the shock wave that a nuke produces travels faster than the speed of sound. So unless we were able to detonate nuclear explosives in the eye of the hurricane on a continuous basis, we wouldn’t be able to dissipate the low-pressure air that keeps the storm going.

Q. Can a nuke destroy a mountain?

But yes, a nuclear device, coupled with lots of tunneling, can cause a major collapse of material within and external to a mountain side.

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