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What is the other name of Madurai?

Online payment

How can I download my birth certificate in Madurai?

You have to download the form, take the print out and fill up the form and send to the corporation.

  1. Download application form for birth certificate online – Madurai.
  2. Sample Birth Certificate.
  3. http://www.tn.gov.in/services/servicewise.html.

Q. How can I add my name in birth certificate Madurai?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. Valid birth certificate.
  3. Affidavit from local notary.
  4. Affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper of minimal about the reason of name change.
  5. Address proof (Voter ID, Driving License etc.) …
  6. Aadhaar card.
  7. Aadhaar Card of Parents as per requirement.
  8. Name of the Parent.

Q. How can I check my property tax online in Tamilnadu?

  1. Visit www.chennaicorporation.gov.in.
  2. Click on ‘property tax online payment‘ under Online civic services.
  3. Enter property location details which can be found on previous tax paid receipt and click on ‘submit’

Q. How many wards are there in Madurai corporation?

100 wards

The city is referred by various names including “Madurai”, “Koodal“, “Malligai Maanagar“, “Naanmadakoodal” and “Thirualavai“. The word Madurai may be derived from Madhura (sweetness) arising out of the divine nectar showered on the city by the Hindu god Siva from his matted hair.

Q. What is RCH number in Tamilnadu?

What is RCH ID? RCH stands for Reproductive and Child Health. All Married/Pregnant Women in the age group of 15 to 49 will be issued an unique identification number (RCH ID), which can be used for any number of pregnancies.

Q. Is RCH ID and Picme number same?

PICME or Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation (PICME) is a system deployed by the Tamilnadu government to track all pregnant women. … Persons registered under PICME are provided with a 12 digit RCH ID, which is being used to track all aspects of the pregnancy by the Public Health Department.

Q. What is the full form of RCH?

Abstract. Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) is extended maternal child health of family welfare or safe motherhood or child survival and safe motherhood programme. Unless IMA members take up implementation of RCH programme, population stabilisation in India will remain unfulfilled.

Q. Why is Picme registered?

It is an online pregnancy registration system that has been deployed in Tamil Nadu in order to track pregnant women. The PICME number will, therefore, work as a sort of identification number for pregnant women in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Q. What is MCP card?

The MCP card is a tool for informing and educating the mother and family on different aspects of maternal and child care and linking maternal and childcare into a continuum of care through the Integrated Child Development Services(ICDS) scheme of Ministry of Women and Child Development and the National Rural Health …

Q. How do I apply for maternity benefit scheme?

2. The beneficiary has to register her pregnancy at the approved health facility within 150 days from the date of LMP which needs to be entered in the MCP Card. Thereafter, she can apply for availing maternity benefit at Anganwadi Centre or to ASHA/ANM within 730 days from the date of LMP.

Q. How can I get my birth certificate online in Tamilnadu?

You are here

  1. Organisation Name : Chennai Corporation.
  2. Category : Government To Citizen.
  3. Service Title : Apply for Birth Certificates – Chennai Corporation.
  4. Description : Online application for Birth Certificates from Corporation of Chennai.
  5. Url : http://www.chennaicorporation.gov.in/online-civic-services/birthanddeath.htm.

Q. How can I get my birth certificate online?

Online Application

  1. Note: The Citizen can collect the birth certificate either from the site or from the CSC or Nagar Nigam service centre once the certificate is available on the site.
  2. Through e-Nagarsewa website.
  3. Step 1: To apply online visit e-Nagarsewa website.

Q. Can we change name in birth certificate in Tamilnadu?

Step 1: Obtain ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ the municipal corporation office or gram panchayat where your child took birth. Step 2: Obtain an affidavit from local notary and approach the officer regarding change of name in the birth certificate.

Q. How can I download my birth certificate online Puducherry?

Birth Certificate OnlinePuducherry: Get Birth Certificate in Puducherry, Apply OnlineBirth Certificate is issued by the State Government in Puducherry. You can Download Application Form for the Birth Certificate through the website of Puducherry. government or Registrar of Birth & Death.

Q. How many Municipality are there in Puducherry?

5 municipalities

Q. How can I check my encumbrance certificate online in Puducherry?

Visit the official website of the Puducherry Registration department. Click on “Online Encumbrance Certificate” which is on the home page of the portal. By filling the appropriate details, click on “save”, and then the account will be created.

Q. How can I change my name in birth certificate in Pondicherry?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form.
  2. Valid birth certificate.
  3. Affidavit from local notary.
  4. Affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper of minimal about the reason of name change.
  5. Address proof (Voter ID, Driving License etc.) …
  6. Aadhaar card.
  7. Aadhaar Card of Parents as per requirement.
  8. Name of the Parent.

Q. What is EC for flat?

An encumbrance refers to any charge created on any asset, more often used in the context of real estate. An Encumbrance Certificate or EC is a certificate of assurance that the property in question is free from any legal or monetary liability such as a mortgage or an uncleared loan.

Q. How can I get encumbrance certificate online in Tamilnadu?

How to search Tamil Nadu encumbrance / villangam certificate online. Step 1: Visit the official website of the Inspector General of Registration (IGRS) Tamil Nadu official website. Step 2: At the bottom of the page, you will see various services, opt for ‘ENCUMBRANCE CERTIFICATE‘. Click on it to apply for an EC online.

Q. How can I get Patta copy in Pondicherry?

How to obtain Pondicherry Land Records Online?

  1. To access Pondicherry Land Records, click on this link – http://www.pon.nic.in/nilamagal/.
  2. Click on Land Record Details link.
  3. Complete your location details – Region, Taluk, Village.
  4. Select your Land Type – “Cultivable/ Residential.

Q. How can I get survey number of property in Tamilnadu?

You can verify your registered land records online, this service is provided by the Tamil Nadu State Government through its e-Services portal. Users need to select the district, Taluk, village and provide the survey number, sub-division and reference number to verify the document.

Q. How do I find EC?

Karnataka EC Search

  1. Step 1: To search for Kaveri Online Portal, you have to first register yourself on the portal.
  2. Step 2: Click “Register as New User”.
  3. Step 3: After registering successfully, log in to the portal.
  4. Step 4: Fill the required data and search for the index of registered documents.

Q. How long does it take to get EC?

15 to 30 days

Q. How do you find encumbrances?

How to obtain a encumbrance certificate? The certificate can be obtained from the sub-registrar’s office where the property in reference is registered. To obtain an encumbrance certificate, one has to follow these procedures : An application is to be made to the registrar for obtaining the certificate in Form 22.

Q. What are examples of encumbrances?

The most common types of encumbrance apply to real estate; these include mortgages, easements, and property tax liens. Not all forms of encumbrance are financial, easements being an example of non-financial encumbrances. An encumbrance can also apply to personal – as opposed to real – property.

Q. What is encumbered property?

Encumbered Property or “Encumbered Properties” shall mean a Property or Properties encumbered by a security interest, mortgage or any other Lien upon or charge against or interest in the property to secure payment of a debt or performance of an obligation.

Q. What does encumbered mean in finance?

Encumbered securities (or encumbered assets) are securities that are owned by one entity, but which are at the same time subject to a legal claim by another. A lien is a common example of a en encumbrance placed on a property that still has outstanding debts owed to creditors, such a an unpaid mortgage.

Q. What is the best definition for encumbered?

1 : weigh down, burden tourists encumbered by heavy luggage. 2 : to impede or hamper the function or activity of : hinder negotiations encumbered by a lack of trust. 3 : to burden with a legal claim (such as a mortgage) encumber an estate.

Q. Is selling an encumbered car illegal?

Is It Legal to Sell an Encumbered Vehicle? The very simple answer is yes. Just because there’s money owed against the car doesn’t prevent you from selling the vehicle. You can even technically use the sale of the vehicle to help pay off the associated loan.

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