What is Pericles most famous for?

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What is Pericles most famous for?

Pericles is perhaps best remembered for a building program centred on the Acropolis which included the Parthenon and for a funeral oration he gave early in the Peloponnesian War, as recorded by Thucydides. In the speech he honoured the fallen and held up Athenian democracy as an example to the rest of Greece.

Q. What led to the fall of Greece?

Here are some of the primary causes: Greece was divided into city-states. Constant warring between the city states weakened Greece and made it difficult to unite against a common enemy like Rome. The poorer classes in Greece began to rebel against the aristocracy and the wealthy.

Q. How did Pericles rise to power?

He increased Athens’ power through his use of the Delian League to form the Athenian empire and led his city through the First Peloponnesian War (460-446 BCE) and the first two years of the Second Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE). He was still actively engaged in political life when he died of the plague in 429 BCE.

Q. Does Pericles always die?

Pericles was briefly deposed in 430, but after the Athenians’ efforts to negotiate with Sparta failed, he was quickly reinstated. In 429 Pericles‘ two legitimate sons died of the plague. A few months later, Pericles himself succumbed. His death was, according to Thucydides, disastrous for Athens.

Q. Where is Pericles buried?

Archaeological Site of Kerameikos, Athens, Greece

Q. Why did Pericles give his speech?

Pericles Funeral Oration in Depth. In 431, shortly after the Peloponnesian War had broken out, Pericles delivered his famous Funeral Oration to commemorate those troops who had already fallen in battle.

Q. What is the reason Pericles says Athens way of life is worth fighting for?

In his speech, Pericles states that the citizens of Athens must continue to support the war. He wanted to emphasis that what they were fighting for was of the upmost importance. He stated that the soldiers who died gave their lives to protect the city of Athens, its citizens, and its freedom.

Q. What is the main point of Pericles funeral oration?

The most important thing to remember about the Funeral Oration is that it is a speech, intended to persuade its listeners. Pericles praises Athens so that people will keep fighting; he praises the sacrifices of the dead so that others will imitate them.

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