What is higher than the George Cross?

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What is higher than the George Cross?

The George Cross (GC) is the highest award bestowed by the British government for non-operational gallantry or gallantry not in the presence of an enemy….

Q. Can a VC be rescinded?

The awards of eight Victoria Cross recipients were forfeited between 1861 and 1908. … The power to cancel and restore awards is still included in the Victoria Cross warrant. The power to restore a forfeited award has never been exercised.

Q. What is the highest Honour in UK?

of the Order of the British Empire

Q. Who was the youngest recipient of the Victoria Cross?

Andrew Fitzgibbon

George Cross
Order of Wear
Next (higher)Victoria Cross
Next (lower)Order of the Garter
RelatedGeorge Medal and Queen’s Gallantry Medal

Q. When did England adopt the St George’s Cross?


Q. Can I wear my grandfathers medals?

Did you know there are rules about wearing your family war medals? The rule is that war medals should only be worn on the left breast by the person upon whom they were conferred. … However, if you wish to wear your family medals you should wear them on the right breast to indicate they were not conferred upon you.

Q. Are medals worth anything?

Generally, rare medals can be worth a lot of money, and common medals won’t be worth as much. However, sometimes a common medal can sell for a lot of money if it belonged to someone of historical interest.

Q. How much is a purple heart worth?

They are sold for about $30 at a military base, and even though they are only meant for recipients looking for a replacement, often the sellers don’t ask for proof of eligibility.

Q. What is the most valuable medal?

Here are just a few of the world’s most valuable medals and what they went for at auction.

  1. James Watson’s Nobel Peace Prize. …
  2. Jesse Owens’s Olympic Gold Medal. …
  3. Jim Craig’s “Miracle on Ice” Olympic Gold Medal. …
  4. Captain Alfred Shout’s Victoria Cross.
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