What is Crest used for?

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What is Crest used for?

The system operates an electronic settlement system used to settle international securities, and also holds stock certificates on the behalf of its customers. CREST also assists in making dividend payments to shareholders and executes other important functions.

Q. What is the motto of Malaysia?

Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu

Q. What is the national animal of Malaysia?

Malayan tiger

Q. What means crest?

A crest is a showy tuft of feathers on the head of a bird. … The top or highest part of something is also a crest, like the crest of a hill or the crest of a wave. As a verb, crest means “to reach the top” like when you crest a mountain.

Q. What is crest level?

In hydrology, crest is the highest level above a certain point (the datum point, or reference point) that a river will reach in a certain amount of time. This term is usually limited to a flooding event and from ground level . This article about geography terminology is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Q. What causes a river to crest?

Rivers fall more slowly than they rise. … If more rain falls, the river could rise and crest again. Wind and high temperatures assist in evaporation of surface water and may speed the decline. It is difficult to accurately predict when a river will be back to normal.

Q. What does it mean when the water crest?

Crest: A term used to explain a water level that has reached the highest point it is expected to go. After a river or lake crests, the water will begin to decrease in the coming days. … Instead it means the river is 14.

Q. What is the flood level?

noun. The height reached by a body of water resulting from the overflow of a river beyond its normal limits. ‘drier weather means flood levels are expected to fall’

Q. How can you stay safe in a flood?

10 Flood Safety Tips for How to Prepare and Make It Through

  1. Know Whether You Live in a Flood Zone. …
  2. Buy Flood Insurance. …
  3. Evacuate If It’s Mandatory or Necessary. …
  4. Get Supplies to Get You Through Safely. …
  5. Move Valuables to Higher Ground. …
  6. Put Important Documents in a Waterproof Container. …
  7. Clean Your Gutters. …
  8. Stay Off Bridges That Go Over Water.

Q. What is the largest flood ever recorded?


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