What is another word for debacle?

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What is another word for debacle?

Debacle in a Sentence 🔉

Cosmopolitan generally refers to an individual who shows an interest in or has travelled to many parts of the world and who is sophisticated or urbane. … The local allegiances of nationalism are seen to stand in stark contrast to the universal concerns of someone who is cosmopolitan in their outlook.

Q. What does debacle mean?

1a : a great disaster. b : a complete failure : fiasco. 2 : a tumultuous breakup of ice in a river. 3 : a violent disruption (as of an army) : rout.

Q. What is the example of debacle?

The definition of a debacle is a sudden downfall or a total failure. An example of a debacle is a poorly run political campaign that ends in overwhelming defeat. A sudden, disastrous collapse, downfall, or defeat; a rout. The breaking up of ice in a river.

Q. How do you use the word debacle?

  1. When the movie was released, it was called a debacle by the critics. …
  2. If you want to look at the country’s problems, start with the debacle of the healthcare system. …
  3. The president’s response to the budget debacle was simply to ignore it.

SYNONYMS FOR debacle 2 disaster, ruin, fiasco, catastrophe, calamity.

Q. What syllable is stressed in debacle?

Stressed on the second syllable [ tril ] is stressed, and how to pronounce debacle debacle is… 8 1 2 syllables.

Q. How is a debacle used in simple sentences?

Debacle sentence example

  1. Fortunately for him, he did not live to see the debacle of Russian society in 1917. …
  2. In a matter of weeks the whole debacle could be quietly forgotten.
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