What happens if you play Riddle School 3 twice?

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What happens if you play Riddle School 3 twice?

ALTERNATE ENDING: This will occur if you beat the game two times. On a rather creepy and dark tone, words will say that you have been possessed by the monkey doll. The monkey doll’s eyes will turn red.

Q. What is the order of the riddle school games?

I had to cancel the series for a variety of reasons, but I’m still fairly proud of it.

  • Riddle School. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 2. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 3. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 4. by JonBro.
  • Riddle School 5. by JonBro.
  • Riddle Transfer. by JonBro.
  • Riddle Transfer 2. by JonBro.

Q. How do you solve a riddle school?

Riddle School Walkthrough

  1. click on sharpener at teacher’s table.
  2. go east and open locker beside the fountain and take hall pass.
  3. click north to go inside ms. …
  4. click on trash can to take feather duster then get out of the room.
  5. go east and go inside the janitor’s closet.
  6. give him the feather duster and he will give you a dollar bill.

Q. Is Riddle School a flash game?

Riddle School is a 2006 flash based puzzle-solving game created by Jonochrome (formerly known as JonBro). The game revolves around an elementary school student, Phil Eggtree, trying to escape his school after an incident involving him teasing another student sends him to a special classroom.

Q. What is the combination for Riddle School 3?

Enter “5-3-7-8-8-0-7-8″ as the combination.

Q. How do you get past Riddle School 5?

Click out of the open access screen. Press the button on the right side of the far-back wall this time to teleport back to the floor. The last thing you have to click in this final room is the ship wheel in the background. After that, you get the ending of the game, as well as the eternal end of Riddle School!

Q. How do you beat a riddle transfer?

Riddle Transfer

  1. Get the flusher handle from the toilet lid.
  2. See the TV. …
  3. Use the flusher handle to reach the dial pad.
  4. Type the code. …
  5. Exit the room. …
  6. Go into the storage room. …
  7. The elevator key is under the orange paper. …
  8. Go into Goat Man’s room once exiting the storage room.

Q. How do you get past Riddle School 2?

This is the walkthrough for Riddle School 2.

  1. Get the four quarters in the room. …
  2. Give the quarters to Phred. …
  3. Use the whistle. …
  4. Go into Mrs. …
  5. Open the locker next to the girl’s bathroom and take the money in it.
  6. Use the slide oil on the vent.
  7. Take the toilet paper.
  8. Click on the toilet paper while in the boy’s bathroom.

Q. What is smileys code in riddle transfer?

To help Yeddy: give him the can of hair grow that you can get from Smiley. To release Zack: the code to his door is 12345.

Q. How do you play the transfer 2 riddle?

Riddle Transfer 2 is a Flash Game made by JonBro (Jonochrome). It is the sequel to Riddle Transfer 1….Walkthrough

  1. Click on the monitor. …
  2. On pLatitude, click on “++” 4 times and “+” 3 times.
  3. On pLongitude, click on “–” 2 times and “-” 13 times. …
  4. Click on the power box. …
  5. Exit the power box and click on the circuit box.

Q. How many riddle school games are there?

7 Riddle School games

Q. How do you open the guard door in riddle transfer?

could also have the power off while the door is closed, then quickly press the button twice to get it open. Then leave and take the elevator to the bottom floor one more time. When you return to the guard door, its mouth will be open, and you will be able to enter the final room.

Q. How do you get the hair spray in Riddle?

Go to F1 and go to Bigtoe and ask ‘Someone of intellect should have hobby’ 13. Go to Smiley room and ask ‘Could I have hair spray‘ and get hair spray.

Q. Who is Phil Eggtree?

Phil Eggtree is the main protagonist of the Riddle School series. A young student at Riddle Elementary school, an incident that results in him being transferred to a special class leads to him escaping the school.

Q. When was Pico’s school made?


Q. How old is Newgrounds?

25 years (J)

Q. Who made Newgrounds?

Tom Fulp

Q. What is Newgrounds?

As the original and largest Flash portal on the Web, NEWGROUNDS.COM is a giant clearinghouse of user-generated Flash games, videos, art, music, animation, andmore. Most of the content is submitted by members and voted on forrankings in /”best of/” lists. /

Q. Is Newgrounds shutting down 2020?

Newgrounds will be closing down.

Q. Can Newgrounds give you viruses?

No, Newgrounds does not give people viruses.

Q. Is Newgrounds kid friendly?

The site’s legal terms stipulate that kids 13-17 are supposed to have parental permission to join the site, and anyone under 18 is banned (in theory) from looking at the Adult Features section, but there’s no real safeguard to ensure those rules are followed.”

Q. What was the first game on Newgrounds?

In 2011, the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation (NATA) began as a 4–6 month long animation competition on Newgrounds sponsored by Adobe. In 2012, Newgrounds published their first mobile game, titled GroundCats, on iOS.

Q. Is Newgrounds safe?

No, we are the most dangerous site on the web. We are anything, but safe. Newgrounds is the hazard zone of the entire Internet.

Q. Are flash games dead?

Adobe Flash is dead and buried but you can still access your favorite Flash games and apps. It’s the last day of the year which means it’s time to say goodbye to the much-maligned (some might say malignant) Adobe Flash which is officially obsolete on modern browsers.

Q. Can I still use Flash after 2020?

By late 2020, it will no longer be possible to run Flash in the new versions of most Web browsers. The major browser vendors (Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple) have announced they will stop supporting Flash Player as a plug-in after 12/31/2020.

Q. How many users does Newgrounds have?

According to compete.com 1.

Newgrounds is still an escape from all of that noise, free of ads and full of the content you watched all those years ago. “The site itself has matured in that time and maintains a focus on being a great place for people to share their animation, games, art and audio,” Fulp said.

Q. Why did Newgrounds delete Numa Numa?

In the years since, we’ve decided it has come time to retire Numa Numa from Newgrounds, for both legal music licensing reasons and as part of our ongoing effort to focus on animation and encourage artists to use the Audio Portal for music.

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