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What happened Aizen’s eye?

It’s not an eyepatch, it’s part of the seal that was placed on him as part of his sentence after Ichigo demolishes him and he’s captured by the remaining functional Gotei forces outside the fake Karakura town.

Q. Is bleach in jump force?

While Bleach lacks its own playable stage in Jump Force, unlike Marineford or Whole Cake Island for One Piece or Planet Namek for Dragon Ball, the center of the Wahrwelt can be seen in the background of the Mexico stage.

Q. Who is stronger than Aizen?

Depending on how you define strength Aizen could be in second place with Ichigo though I believe Kenpachi might surpass the two just with raw power. Ywach is also definitely stronger than both of them. No, but he is easily the fifth strongest.

Q. Is Ichigo Kurosaki in jump force?

Ichigo is from the Anime “Bleach“, and is a human with the powers of a Shinigami. … In Jump Force, Ichigo finds himself thrown on earth, where he will join the Jump Force to bring peach back to each of the Jump Worlds.

Q. Can Aizen beat Goku?

No attack Aizen has will work on Goku. At best it’s a stalemate because Aizen won’t be able to hurt Goku. Also, there’s no difference between ki and reiatsu, it’s all the same thing.

Q. Can Naruto see Ichigo?

No, one) Naruto can easily see Ichigo, and two) even if Ichigo was invisible to Naruto, he would still be tangible to Naruto.

Q. Is Ichigo faster than Naruto?

Ichigo is faster than Naruto but not by alot. Naruto would Atleast have to go into tailed beast mode to catch up with Ichigo. This is known since even though in the show they say he is fast as light that is not true he could barely dodge Madara’s attacks.

Q. Can Ichigo defeat Naruto?

Pretty sure Ichigo kills everything and Naruto really doesn’t like killing. Never really got into bleach, but for that reason alone he would probably win. … I think Ichigo would win if naruto wasn’t using sage mode because Ichigo is actually invisible. But in raw power naruto definitely wins.

Q. Who is Kakashi Favourite student?


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