What do you call someone who is optimistic and pessimistic?

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What do you call someone who is optimistic and pessimistic?

Optimists generally approach life with a positive outlook, while pessimists tend to expect the worst. Optimists go into new situations with high expectations, while pessimists keep low expectations to prepare for negative outcomes. … And don’t worry about the optimist in the comic: true optimists don’t mind failure.

Realistic thinking is based in the likelihood that something could happen – positive, negative, or neutral. Focusing exclusively on negative consequences is only partially realistic. Considering only overly positive outcomes is not realistic thinking either. Being realistic is about considering both types of results.

Q. What is an idealistic view?

Idealism is the metaphysical view that associates reality to ideas in the mind rather than to material objects. It lays emphasis on the mental or spiritual components of experience, and renounces the notion of material existence.

Q. Can a person be optimistic and pessimistic?

Optimism and pessimism can co-exist and vary depending on circumstances. For example you may have an optimistic outlook on life, but feel quite pessimistic about your job. This is why you shouldn’t label yourself as either optimistic or pessimistic.

Q. What is better optimistic or pessimistic?

Realism can be described as the middle ground between optimism and pessimism while also including optimism and pessimism. … Imagine an optimist, a pessimist, and a realist are thinking about a party. An optimist will think the party will just get better and better as everything goes right.

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