5 Easy Weekend Honeymoon Ideas

5 Easy Weekend Honeymoon Ideas

A honeymoon is intended to be a relaxing, enjoyable getaway after the planning stress and hectic schedule of the wedding day itself. Couples who choose an elaborate honeymoon, however, may have even more stress after the wedding with travel plans and an overbooked schedule of attractions and activities, and not every couple will have the time or budget to do a long vacation right away. Instead, there are many unique and easy weekend options newlyweds can enjoy that will be just as romantic and memorable as any more extensive arrangements.

1. Weekend Cruise

A short, three day cruise can be the ultimate in relaxation for honeymooning couples. Meals, entertainment, activities, and ports of call are all included in a basic cruise fare (exact inclusions vary for each cruise line), eliminating the need to plan a detailed vacation budget. Activities, presentations, contests and shore tours are also scheduled, removing planning stress while still providing great diversions if the couple wants to try different things. Spa treatments are available, including couple’s treatments for romantic relaxation on board, and couples who want to wrap their wedding and honeymoon into one can even get married during the cruise with the assistance of professional wedding coordinators from the cruise line.

To Choose a Weekend Cruise:

  • Investigate itineraries that coordinate with your wedding day, allowing adequate time to reach the cruise port.
  • Opt for a higher quality oceanview stateroom or balcony cabin for the greater space and better amenities they provide.
  • Take advantage of on board activities, including professional photography, shore tours and evening shows for honeymoon memories that will last for many happy anniversaries.


2. Bed and Breakfast Inns

For a simple, intimate honeymoon getaway, bed and breakfast inns can be the perfect escape. These quaint, unique properties are readily available in most cities and towns, and they provide a casual, relaxing atmosphere ideal for a weekend. Many inns offer themed rooms and romance packages that can make a getaway even more special, and letting the owner or manager know about a honeymoon can lead to upgrades and even more personalized attention. Homemade breakfasts are typically included with the cost of a stay, and many inns also offer afternoon snacks, dedicated teatimes, or additional meals. Staff members are usually able to recommend local activities and restaurants as well, helping a couple enjoy their time together with minimal stress or hassle.

To Choose a Bed and Breakfast Inn:

  • Visit the property before the honeymoon if possible to see the rooms and judge which inn is best for your vacation tastes.
  • Ask about romance or honeymoon packages that may include roses or other flowers, chocolates, and wine or champagne.
  • Let the staff know you are on your honeymoon and be clear about your privacy expectations, if desired.


3. Property Rentals

Renting a cabin or condominium close to home can let couples enjoy time together in a private, unique setting that is more memorable and enjoyable than a basic hotel room. Many of these properties have luxury upgrades such as private spas along with more unusual amenities like game systems, grills, bicycles, and other equipment available for couples to use throughout their stay. Using a rental property as a base, couples can explore local attractions at their leisure without worrying about external schedules, and can even stay in the property to relax with homestyle comforts without any worry about cleaning or other household chores.

To Choose a Rental Property:

  • Ask about minimum stay requirements as well as cleaning fees or other charges that may affect the overall cost.
  • Investigate what supplies are included with the rental, such as basic pantry staples, DVDs or extra linens.
  • Determine what property amenities are truly private or may be shared among several nearby rental properties, such as a communal pool, hot tub, or tennis courts.


4. Road Trips

A simple road trip can be a unique and memorable honeymoon. Choosing a regional attraction no more than a 2-3 hour drive away gives the couples enough distance from home to have the vacation feeling of being away without the hassle of air travel, yet it is close enough that they could easily revisit their honeymoon destination on subsequent anniversaries. Far too often, regional attractions such as historic landmarks, national parks, or cultural icons are overlooked by nearby residents, and couples that explore them during their honeymoon will be making memories they’ll be able to treasure with every reminder of that local feature.

To Plan a Road Trip:

  • Choose a destination that neither the bride or groom has previously seen so both can enjoy the freshness and discovery of the visit.
  • Have detailed directions to the location, including appropriate turns and distances to avoid any possibility of getting lost or misdirected and losing honeymoon time.
  • Investigate additional nearby attractions and activities to add more variety to the honeymoon plans, but don’t feel obligated to experience each one.


5. Stay Home

Just staying home can be a viable honeymoon option for any couple. While it may not be glamorous, a “staycation” can give couples the opportunity to sort through wedding gifts, arrange their home, and relax together in familiar and comfortable surroundings. To make the honeymoon more memorable, couples can use the money they’ve saved by not purchasing airfare or accommodations to visit a spa together, enjoy gourmet meals at elite restaurants, go to the movies, or do other simple, relaxing things that daily schedules may not typically have time for. Vowing not to use computers, answer telephones, or check in with friends or family over the weekend can ensure more privacy during the honeymoon days.

To Plan a Staycation:

  • Clean the house before the honeymoon so there are no unpleasant distractions or feelings of obligation during the relaxing weekend.
  • Disconnect telephones and computers, don’t bother checking the mail, and don’t worry about other everyday activities until the honeymoon ends.
  • Stock the kitchen with romantic snacks and drinks before the wedding so they will be available during the honeymoon without the interruption of a trip to the store.
  • A weekend may seem like a short period of time, but it can be the perfect length for a memorable honeymoon if a couple opts for a more relaxed, easy getaway instead of an elaborate vacation. With minimal planning and virtually no stress, there is an affordable weekend honeymoon perfect for every pair of newlyweds.

Written by Melissa Mayntz