How to Have a Zombie Wedding

How to Have a Zombie Wedding

Are you dying to get married? A zombie wedding theme can be a fun, unusual theme that transcends the “till death do us part” verse of the classic wedding vows. Whether you want to add just a few undead touches to your event or you want to plan a full blown, post-apocalyptic zombiefest for your nuptials, there are many creative options you can consider.  

Is This Theme for Me?

Before you jump into full scale preparations for an undead celebration, carefully consider if a zombie-themed event is right for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Zombie themes are trendy now, but how will you feel looking at your wedding photos on your tenth, twenty-fifth, or fiftieth wedding anniversary? Will you enjoy explaining the quirky theme to your children or grandchildren? Are these photos you’d want to show off or explain at a high school reunion? If you’re unsure, it may be best to add just a few zombie-esque details to your event instead of going overboard with themed preparations.   Weddings are all about family, and it is important to consider how your family might react to a zombie wedding as well. Discuss the idea with your parents, grandparents, and other very close relatives to see how they feel about it, and bear in mind cultural and religious sensitivity as well. While the theme of your special day is ultimately your decision, it’s never wise to plan an event that could alienate close relationships. You can still incorporate zombie-type elements into your wedding without being insensitive to your guests.  

Zombie Wedding Ideas

When you’re ready to plan your zombie wedding, there are many fun and creative accents that can add a bit of undead ambience to your special day.

  • Date: October is the most popular month for zombie-themed weddings, particularly near Halloween, but you can plan your event for any time. In fact, a spring zombie wedding can have a greater impact with fewer horror accents, simply because of the contrast between new blooms and undead bodies.
  • Location: It is possible to turn any wedding venue into a haven for the undead, but unique locations can add even more atmosphere to your theme. Consider holding your ceremony or reception in a cemetery, funeral home, or haunted house, or go for a more contemporary vibe by choosing an underground rave club or other alternative hotspot. A drab, empty field or forest thicket can also be turned into a zombie wedding site with the addition of a few fake tombstones or recent “graves” for a setting.
  • Invitations: Many specialty stores and online invitation retailers offer zombie-themed stationery. Choose black paper with iridescent red ink for a glamorous touch, or opt for a gothic or spooky font. Ripped or slightly burnt papers can also give your invitations a deadly feel, and you might consider sealing each one with a wax stamp for the look of fresh blood.
  • Attire: A pristine wedding dress and crisp tuxedos are out of place for a zombie theme. Instead, shop at thrift stores for used attire you can destroy to give it the undead look – use costume makeup for blood, slash artful gashes in the fabric, and consider slighting burning the edges for more authenticity. Retro attire such as puffy-sleeved taffeta bridesmaid gowns and ruffled tuxedo shirts with colored cummerbunds are especially appropriate for a zombie theme, giving the bridal party that long-decomposed look.
  • Makeup: Most brides take great care to be sure that tears or smudges don’t destroy their makeup on their wedding day, but destroyed makeup is ideal for a zombie event. Monster makeup such as a pale face with dark, hollowed-out eyes is subtle but effective, and for a gorier event, add wounds, dripping blood, infected stitches, and other details, as well as frizzy, untamed hair.
  • Flowers: Bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral centerpieces are classic decorations for any wedding, and they’re can also be part of a zombie theme. Instead of fresh, colorful blooms, however, opt for black flowers or dark shades such as a rich, deep burgundy accented with chocolate brown. Black flowers can be found in a wider variety of styles in silk or faux blooms, or you can choose dried bouquets that have a dead look. A fun touch can be adding “In Memory” arrangements to the setting.
  • Vows: Traditional vows can be used for your zombie wedding, or you might incorporate some themed phrases to keep with the entire undead feel. A funeral-type service can be a whimsical option for laying your single lives to rest, and making zombie promises such as sharing brains or taking bullets for one another can be fun.
  • Decorations: For a total zombie setting, add undead decorations at both the ceremony and reception sites. Fake headstones are popular, as are coffin-shaped tables, “Just Buried” signs, and details such as cobwebs, plague rats, skeletons, or half-consumed bodies. Piles of rubble can provide a post-apocalyptic touch, and fog machines can add a mysterious and eerie vibe. You can even use fake fingers to display your wedding rings on the ring pillow for a cleverly gruesome touch at the ceremony.
  • Music: Create a wedding music list that includes not only some traditional tunes, but also zombie favorites such as a Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or different funeral dirges. Bach’s “Toccata in Fugue” is a popular choice, or choose other horror music for the dancing festivities.
  • Food: Zombies may thrive on a diet of brains, but it’s unlikely that your guests would appreciate a freshly-dead menu. Instead, choose fun themed options such as a fake brain topping a white wedding cake with blood dripping down the sides. A red velvet cake with white frosting can be a beautiful choice, or use other treats such as “finger” cookies or brain-shaped breads to augment the meal. Many retailers also offer zombie-themed wedding cake toppers if you’d prefer a more traditional cake with just a touch of undead decoration.
  • Favors: If you want to give your guests a bit of zombie fun as a thank you for participating in your special day, there are many themed options to choose from. Brain-shaped chocolates, soaps, or candies are popular, or you could use zombie-themed buttons with fun sayings. Black votive candles, customized zombie insurance cards, and zombie apocalypse survival supplies can all be fun choices as well. If you prefer more traditional favors, consider packaging them in makeup-stained “bloody” bandages or coffin-shaped wedding favor boxes.

  With so many ways to add undead details to your wedding day, it’s easy to plan a fun ceremony that goes well beyond “till death do us part.”  

More Tips for Your Zombie Wedding

Before you move ahead with your walking dead plans, there are a few extra considerations to remember…

  • Warn your guests about the theme before they arrive. Just as it is important to be sensitive to family members for your event, letting your guests know not to expect the traditional white wedding gives them the opportunity to prepare for and embrace your alternative theme. Many couples even invite their guests to participate by dressing up as zombies themselves, and you may be surprised at how creative your favorite cousin or normally conservative aunt can be when planning their own zombie attire.
  • Plan for an adults-only event. Unless your zombie theme will eliminate most gore and other scary details, it may not be appropriate to include younger children in the festivities. If children will be attending, take steps to provide safer, family-friendly daycare or babysitting options during the ceremony and reception.
  • Discuss your theme and ideas with vendors. From the officiant to the caterer to the DJ, you want to work with vendors who embrace your theme and are willing to participate fully in the fun. You can also rely on them for additional creative suggestions for how to make your zombie theme more unique and memorable.

  It can be easy to have a zombie wedding, whether you want just a touch of undead ambiance or a full-fledged post-apocalyptic nightmare as your dream day. From simple decorative accents to themed vows, specialized music, and deadly delicious food, your zombie wedding day can be an event to die for!

Written by Melissa Mayntz