couple dating at a restaurant

15 Worst Date Foods

Different people’s idea of great food and a great date experience varies dramatically. There are people who love food in all it’s messy glory, and the thought of devouring a shared plate of sloppy messy finger food on a date can be sexy and enticing. But what if your date has beautiful manicured nails? Can you see her using naan bread or a knife and fork? There are also other factors to take into account, like whether or not your date is vegetarian – is eating a rare steak in front of her is going to be appropriate? And what about her religious beliefs? Here are some foods that require some thought before organizing your date…  

  1. Seafood – It’s best to check with your date before you take her to a sushi-restaurant. If she’s not a fan of fish then her choices on the menu are going to be severely limited, and she may not appreciate the lack of consideration on your part. Don’t get off to a bad start by not doing your homework first. The other problem with sushi is that it’s impossible to have any sort of conversation if you are eating the sushi as it’s designed to be eaten. It might seem a bit weird if you time each mouth-full so that you are both eating at the same time and free to talk at the same time – long awkward silences of chomping.
  2. Garlic – It goes without saying, garlic breath and conversation isn’t a great partnership. Garlic breath and kissing is even more of a romance killer. Avoid anything that is smothered in garlic. Snails for example, are usually bathed in a puddle of garlic. Garlic bread if you are going to a pizza restaurant is also something to re-consider. It can be less offensive if you are both eating garlic together, but if I were you avoid it, no matter how strongly you believe in it’s health properties. (I had a partner who always overdid the garlic, and never considered the fact that it would affect my experience later on in the bedroom. Chewing gum and mints don’t disguise intense garlic breath!)
  3. Stringy cheese – I love cheese, I’ll have it on everything except a hot date. There is nothing worse than a string of cheese that insists on stretching between my pizza and my mouth, that requires me to manually detach it with both hands, as I put the pizza down on the plate and bend awkwardly over my plate to attend to the task. I don’t want my date staring at my food dilemma.
  4. Spinach – This goes for anything unsightly that can get stuck in your teeth without you knowing. It just puts people off, it can be embarrassing. It can make you or your date feel self-conscious. Why do it?
  5. Strong/Yeasty Alcohol – Apart from it affecting your behavior, it can also affect your breath. There are certain types of beers that I can’t stand to smell on a guy’s breath – a really off-putting kind of yeasty aroma! One guy I used to date only fully appreciated the unpleasant experience of kissing with beer breath, after I decided to give him a taste of it myself! Seriously, women aren’t fussy, we just have nostrils.
  6. Crab – Or anything else that looks like it’s still a living animal! Check with your date though, because they may love lobster or prawns and may not have a problem with the de-shelling.
  7. Ice-cream cones on a windy day in the park – A stressful experience for any girl with long loose hair, is when the wind decides to attack you at full speed from various directions every time you move in for a lick of ice-cream and you have to hold it back to avoid ending up in a big mess. Not only is there the risk of mess, it’s also really distracting!
  8. Red Wine – On many an occasion I have had one too many glasses of red and ended up with stained lips, and teeth for that matter. It really doesn’t look good, and too many glasses leaves a taste on your lips that your partner will pick up on, particularly if she was drinking a soft drink.
  9. Whole chilies – I once popped a whole one in my mouth thinking it was just a pepper, it ruined the whole dinner for me, and oh what a drama I made about it! Waiter can I have some more water please? Every five minutes! The other problem that occurs with eating spicy food is if you tend to sweat. It’s a bit off-putting to watch a man drip into his curry, not to mention inconvenient to have a dripping nose throughout the conversation!
  10. Chopsticks – If your date can’t use them, and there are no forks available, she has a major problem, and you’re only going to feel bad watching her struggle. Also, she’s not going to exactly be listening to a word you say when she is attempting to balance rice on the end of her two sticks, is she? Best to think ahead.
  11. Spare Ribs – or anything else that is sticky and eaten with fingers. Check out her nails! Manicured? It’s going to be a problem. Another problem is the amount of napkins you are likely to get through, which are going to crowd up your table, hardly romantic!
  12. Soup – Because it’s just so boring and slurpy! when you take your date out for dinner, make sure its proper solid food!
  13. Ramen – Spaghetti a girl can handle, but spaghetti in soup? No, no, no
  14. Fast food – How old are you again? I refuse to explain why taking your date to a fast food restaurant is a problem.
  15. Chain restaurants – Why take your date to a place she’s probably been to a million times before? If you want to take her for a pizza, do some research and hunt out a nice traditional and authentic little Italian bistro. It’s not about spending more money, it’s about class and originality. The atmosphere will be a thousand times better in a unique hidden little restaurant, and she will have a story to tell her friends.

Written by Scarlett Robinson