How often should blinds be replaced?

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How often should blinds be replaced?

every 7 to 8 years

Q. Where should Roman blind cleats be placed?

Position the cord cleat(s) as close to the headrail as possible but no less than 1.

Q. How do you fix a blind that won’t roll up?

Take the blind down, open it fully, roll it tightly back up, place within the mounting brackets and then pull the blind open. After three times you will want to pull the cord the normal way to open or close the blind. You should see a marked improvement in how the blind operates.

Q. How long do Roman blinds last?

What are the average life cycles of the most common window treatments?

Mini Blinds2-4 years
Faux Wood Blinds3-5 years
Cellular & Honeycomb Shades5-7 years
Roman Shades5-7 years
Draperies8-12 years

Q. How do you use Roman blind rod tape?

Starting with the bottom tape first, place it face (cord pockets side) upwards (hem side down) with the hemmed right-hand side of the tape flush with the edge of the blind and, with the top edge of the tape just covering the chalk line, stitch along the full length of the tape as close to the top edge as possible.

Q. Can you make your own Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are a brilliant way to complete the style of a room, and they can often be better than Venetian blinds and curtains for one main reason: you can make them yourself easily. This visual guide is achievable by first time DIYers to crafting pros, as we break down each step into easy-to-follow instructions.

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