How much is a ton of driveway stone?

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How much is a ton of driveway stone?

13 tons

Understanding Size and Coverage Using 2 inches for the depth, the following measurements are a guide to the amount of gravel coverage per ton: 1/4 to 1/2 inch gravel, 100 square feet per ton; 1/2 to 1 inch gravel, 90 square feet per ton; and 1 1/2 to 2 inches gravel, 80 square feet per ton.

Q. What size gravel do I need for my driveway?

A commonly used gravel size for driveway base layers is #3 gravel. This rock is generally 1-2 inches in diameter and does double duty by establishing a solid, reliable foundation and providing adequate drainage; both critical factors in driveway construction.

Q. How much is a ton of gravel delivered?

Expect to pay between around $35 per cubic yard or $40 to $45 per ton for pea gravel delivery.

Q. How many tons of gravel are in a dump truck?

Driveway Gravel Cost Per Ton & Yard. Gravel prices for a driveway range from $10 to $50 per ton or $15 to $75 per yard depending on the rock type, volume ordered, and delivery fees. When including delivery, spreading, and compacting, driveway stone and rock costs $100 to $120 per ton installed.

Q. How much gravel do I need to cover 200 square feet?

Homeowners will need about 200 square feet of coverage which costs around $350 with most homeowners spending between $300 and $400 for smaller project. For this size of project, consider purchasing pea gravel in bags of 0.

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