How do you start a dark story?

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How do you start a dark story?

Elements that make a story dark:

Q. What is dark writing?

If your writing is described as dark, maybe they are seeing references to death, loss, solitude or the sorts of stuff you wouldn’t see in a Julie Andrews movie. Maybe they’re just seeing references to real life that aren’t nice.

Q. How do you write in the dark?

Darkness in Fiction: 7 Tips for Writing Dark Stories

  1. The darkness must have meaning to it. …
  2. Dark does not mean twisted, brutal, or gory. …
  3. Try using a light mood. …
  4. Dark settings are not an excuse for lack of morals. …
  5. “And they all died” is not a necessary ending. …
  6. Go deep and complex with your characters.
  1. Human nature.
  2. Uncomfortable subjects.
  3. Characterisation, especially deep, complex characters.
  4. Fears and insecurities and anxieties.
  5. Any underlying darkness must have meaning.
  6. Intense emotions.
  7. Dark themes.
  8. The real world – it isn’t as pleasant as we think.

Q. Which is the darkest pen?

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