How difficult is French?

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How difficult is French?

Because as this post is going to explain, French is actually one of the easiest European languages to learn. In many ways, it’s even easier than learning English! And as French is a world language, spoken by over 220 million people, learning French can give you access to a huge chunk of the world.

Q. What’s the sweetest language in the world?


Q. What language did ancient?

Ancient Greek
Inscription about the construction of the statue of Athena Parthenos in the Parthenon, 440/439 BC
Regioneastern Mediterranean
Language familyIndo-European Hellenic Ancient Greek
Writing systemGreek alphabet

Q. Is French or Spanish easier to learn?

Spanish is arguably somewhat easier for the first year or so – beginners may struggle less with pronunciation than their French-studying colleagues, and one of the most basic Spanish verb tenses is easier than French.

French is not hard to learn, especially when compared to English! … Learning French isn’t going to be as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s a language that is much easier to achieve fluency in than you would have ever expected.

Q. Is French easier than English?

Q. Is German hard for English speakers?

Seemingly endless compound words and the concept of noun genders is often enough to scare people off learning German for good. However, German actually isn’t nearly as hard to learn as you might think. … About 40% of German vocabulary is similar to English vocabulary, which is good news for native English speakers!

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