How did socialism spread in Europe?

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How did socialism spread in Europe?

Who Was Karl Marx? Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a philosopher, author, social theorist, and an economist. He is famous for his theories about capitalism and communism./span>

According to Marx, workers first become conscious of sharing common grievances against capitalists (thus forming a class “in itself”) and eventually develop an awareness of themselves as forming a social class opposed to the bourgeoisie (thus becoming a class “for itself”), the proletariat.

Q. How did the Lenin differentiate the peasants?

Lenin on Peasant Differentiation By differentiation he meant more than that some peasants were growing richer, whilst others grew poorer. Lenin distinguished three strata among the Russian peasantry: the kulaks, ‘rich or well-to-do’ peasants, ‘middle peasants‘ and ‘poor peasants‘.

Q. What is the peasant question?

the question of the historical destinies of the peasantry and of the role of the peasantry and its place in the revolutionary transformation of society. This question is related to the agrarian question and to the alliance of the working class and the peasantry.

Q. Is Karl Marx a capitalist?

Answer:Socialism spreaded from Russia to the Europe since socialist thought that agricultural workers as natural socialist. … In the year of 1870 socialist ideas started in the minds of Europe. Air of socialism came from Russia. It is commenced from international body./span>

Q. How did the ideas of socialism spread in Russia?

Some Russian socialists felt that the Russian peasant custom of dividing land periodically made them natural socialists. So peasant, not workers , would be the main force of the revolution , and Russia could become socialist more quickly than other countries ./span>

Q. How did socialist ideas spread through Europe in the nineteenth century?

Further an international body, namely – the Socialist International was established by socialists to coordinate their efforts. … Funds were set up to elp the poor families and provide them their rights. Various democratic parties were also formed to promote socialism./span>

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