Do people with dementia slur their speech?

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Do people with dementia slur their speech?

In the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, loved ones may lose the ability to form coherent thoughts and speech. Individuals frequently repeat phrases they hear from others. When speech occurs, it is oftentimes incoherent or illogical.

Q. How does dementia affect communication?

The ability to process information may deteriorate over time, so a person’s response to questions can be delayed. Eventually, they may struggle to convey what they want to say, or to understand others. Communication problems may arise because of impaired speech, comprehension, hearing, vision, or physical sensation.

Q. Does speech change with dementia?

All people with dementia find it harder to speak over time. This happens slowly, and the type of problem is different from person to person. Medication. Drugs that affect your brain can affect your ability to speak.

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