Did Brutus do the right thing?

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Did Brutus do the right thing?

No. He helped plan and personally execute the murder of a man who loved him and loved his mother and gave him every advantage in life.

Q. What happened to Julius Caesar’s wife?

Although it was unknown whether Pompeia had been willingly involved in the incident, Caesar decided to divorce her, declaring that his wife “must be above suspicion.” Caesar wed his third wife, Calpurnia, in 59 B.C., when she was a teenager, and remained married to her until his death.

Q. What time period did the Roman Empire fall?

Finally, in 476, the Germanic leader Odoacer staged a revolt and deposed the Emperor Romulus Augustulus. From then on, no Roman emperor would ever again rule from a post in Italy, leading many to cite 476 as the year the Western Empire suffered its deathblow.

Q. How long was the Roman period?

1000 years

Q. What was Brutus reasoning for killing Caesar?

Essentially, Brutus is saying that in order to prevent Caesar from ruling Rome as a tyrant, he must kill Caesar before Caesar gets the opportunity to rule as a tyrant and allows his ambition to negatively affect his behavior. Brutus also justifies assassinating Caesar just before Mark Antony gives his funeral oration.

Q. How does Portia prove her strength as a woman?

how does portia prove her strength as a woman? she stabs herself in the thigh.

Q. What has happened to Portia?

Unable to handle Brutus’s absence and all that is happening in Rome, Portia commits suicide. During their dispute in Act 4, scene 3, Brutus informs Cassius that Portia is dead.

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