Can a flat head cause problems?

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Can a flat head cause problems?

Summary: Babies with flat head syndrome may be at heightened risk of developmental delays, a new study has found. The research highlights the need for early and prompt assessment and intervention.

Q. What does it mean when someone has a flat head?

Flat head syndrome usually happens when a baby sleeps with the head turned to the same side during first months of life. This causes a flat spot, either on one side or the back of the head. Flat head syndrome is also called positional plagiocephaly (pu-ZI-shu-nul play-jee-oh-SEF-uh-lee).

Q. Is having a flat head good?

Flat head syndrome is not dangerous and doesn’t affect brain development, and as long as they’re doing tummy time, most little ones grow out of it on their own by around six months, when they’re rolling over and starting to sit up.

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